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Realms  Altar of Storms (Player vs Player)

Altar of Storms






Server Information


Altar of Storms' Battlegroup is Nightfall

Gladiators on Altar of Storms

Gladiator is a Title awarded to Arena participants who place in the top 0.5% of their Battlegroup at the end of a Season. Gladiators were also awarded a Swift Nether Drake. Titles are displayed before the character's name, as an indication of the character's achievements. (Forums).

Alliance 15 Alliance Horde 15 Horde
  • Skorch <Malice>
  • Hexxar <Malice>
  • Alexx <Malice>
  • Jx <Bloodsky>
  • Gnomoguapo <Bloodsky>
  • Howe <Bloodsky>
  • Jellymeatbal <Bloodsky>
  • Westbrook <Bloodsky>
  • Zorione <Bloodsky>
  • (note: all of these are outdated)
  • Deadly Gladiator Lax <Storms>
  • Deadly Gladiator Tolerance <Storms>
  • Deadly Gladiator Shinken <Storms>
  • Deadly Gladiator Hypur <Storms>
  • Deadly Gladiator Duped <Storms>
  • Lockedup <Epidemic>
  • Dustmane <Dark Tide>
  • Styxia <Cynosure>
  • Dezertir <Storms>
  • Diabolic <Curb Stomp>
  • Oriah <Dark Tide>
  • Vilefic <Storms>
  • Alekto <Storms>
  • Starfishland <Buyer of Arena Teams>
  • Atrocitas <Green Street Elite>

From WowArmory.Com's Hall of Fame page: "The Hall of Fame recognizes the best teams of each Arena Ladder season – those teams who finished in the top 0.5% of their team bracket in each battlegroup. In addition to being permanently commemorated here for all to see, every team member who played in at least 20% of his or her team's total games also receives an armored Netherdrake mount and a title as trophies". Select the links to find who on Altar of Storms has made the Hall of Fame! Features all 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3, and 5 vs 5 winners, and their rankings.



Alliance 32 Alliance »

Horde 32 Horde »

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