The Kela TwinsEdit

The Kela Twins are a combination of the Destruction Warlock, Kelaphillen, and the Balance Druid, Kelaphilla. The Kela Twins have been known to attempt to two man any instance, and have succeeded more times than not. Alone, they are mere players, but together they are an unstoppable force that spells certain death and destruction for anybody that comes across them.


Kelaphillen is known as the power behind the operation. His shadow bolt can bring down any enemy with just a simple cast. Even Illidan Stormrage has been unable to prove himself worthy to stand before Kelaphillen. He can usually be found sitting in Shattrath City on his Netherdrake, or raiding Mount Hyjal and Black Temple. He is extremely gear conscious and is often heard saying he will not rest until he has the top gear and stats possible.


Kelaphilla is known as everything else, the brains, beauty, and reason of the operation. She is a little harder to track down, as she could be anywhere in Outlands, or even Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor grinding reputation. She is also the only character capable of keeping Kelaphillen in line. Kelaphilla is known for her farming prowess, and her ability to react quickly in any situation. Where Kelaphillen is very gear conscious and worried about his stats and look, Kelaphilla is worried about her reputation and often will offer help to lower levels in need.


It is not unheard of for members of the Horde faction to "AFK out" if they see The Kela Twins on the Alliance roster.

Gurubashi DominationEdit

It is not uncommon to see The Kela Twins standing outside the Gurubashi Arena in Stranglethorn Vale. While Kelaphilla will allow anyone to enter and leave, Kelaphillen refuses to let anyone in the arena. There have been reports that he will jump in and destroy anyone brave (or perhaps just ignorant) enough to enter.

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