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Nichgoul is a lvl 70 alliance boomkin on the european server Al'akir. You will regulary see him exploring Azeroth with his companions of Dewinesau, Adfer and Milam, and not forgetting all his pets. Nichgouls has a mint staff which dewinesau is greatly jellous of. the last duel that Nichgoul and dewinesau had will be told thoughout azeroth for an eternaty becoming legend. Lore tells us that Nichgoul upon reaching his maxium power sought out Dewinesau in Area 52 in the shattered lands of Neverstorm. Dewinesau expecting Nichgoul prepared for the clash between the titans of power by conjouring healthstones and calling forth Shathuun for the twisting neather, a fierce felguard who swore alliegence to dewinesau after witnessing her great power. Nichgoul landed in area 52, while the inhabitants had no idea of the terrible events that were to occour on that earie night. Nichgoul walked into the town focusing on nothing but Dewinesau, a long, bitter 70 levels of rivalry flashed across Nighgoul's mind when his and dewinesau's gaze found each other, now was the time to battle, completely equal and settle the score. The Two most powerful members of The Crimson Eagles, an ancient guild of heroes that streatches over decades, will determine who will win over the seasond warlock who had more time to discover the demonic power she posseses, or Nichgoul who rose through the ranks of power through intense studding of the holy book (thottbot) in blazing speed, now only will blodd will answer that fateful question.

Nichgoul plundged a dueling flag deep into neverstorms cracked perished land and so the duel began......

Dewinesau immediatly called on Shathuun to attack Nichgoul with all his loyalty and pride, but upon striking Nichgoul, huge roots errupted from the gound encasing Shathuun in a wooden tomb. 'You think you can tough me and not feel the consequenses Shathuun, clearly you do not posses you masters wisdom, mwahahaha' This enraged Dewinesau into a frenzy of anger over the treatment of her minion and began to transform into a horrer so terrifying that it would cause Nichgoul to flee in terror, senseing his immonent danger Nichgoul called forth the power of nature yet again to surround Dewinesau with gusting winds, sweeping her off her feet and removing her temporarly from combat, she could only watch helplessly as her loyal and trusted friend was killed by Nichgoul, a tear slowly fell down her face at the loss of Shathuun, and she felt powerless to stop it, no sound reached her ears of shathuun call and plead for her help she only saw him fall into darkness.........

Dewinesau now attacking with more than just anger but for her love of shathuun, now more powerful than ever before she rose up, dark shadow magic surrounding her, flames rising from her torn and twised face, while she glared at new hatred towards Nichgoul. Nichgouls frantically and desperatly healed the mortifying wounds that dewinesau's sorcery was causing him, barely managing to hold onto his life reflecting her curses with a desperate hope to live. Thats when it happend, the spell that would change the battle and thus the world of azeroth forever.........

A cyclone errupted around Dewinesau, who confused wondered who/what caused this spell to immobalise her, then she saw it, in Nichgoul's eyes, the force of nature, Nichgoul had called upon the very earth to heal him to almost full health and had called upon the ancient treants of londeron to rise from the ground and lay seige to dewinesau's, waves and waves of tree's attacked Dewinesau appearing from no where, Dewinesau valiantly fought them off but rose from the mob of treants weaked by the use of her own power. This all but drained Nichgoul's power, and both Dewinesau and Nichgoul look into each other eyes and knew now, both weak and exhaused from battle, that their one goal in all that is themselves is to destroy their opponant.

dewinesau calling upon the last ounce of her streangth started to charge up a bolt of shadow energy from the darkest reigons of space to devoure what was left of nichgoul. Nichgoul finnally managed to rise to his feet and calling on the ancient power of the arcance to blast dewinesau with raw magical, instant energy.....

Dewinesau's spell left her palms and hurtled towards Nichgoul just as she was blasted with the fire of the moon that Nichgoul had caused, her shadow bolt still huring toward Nichgoul was inches away from his chest when it faded into nothingness. Nichgoul looked upon his victory and saw the life leave dewinesau's eyes. collapsing onto the ground no strengh to hold himself up any more, nichgoul fell unconcious. Nichgoul lost in both time and space fell, for what felt like a thousand years.

When he awoke, dewinesau's body was no longer there only trinket which he had given her as a gift to protect her from tickbangs in terrokar forest remained.

No one know what happend to dewinesau's spirit, only that the awsome battle between the two most powerful in the crimson eagles will never be forgotten, and that some say they can still here the last scream of dewinesau as she left the mortal world in area 52 on the night of hallows end, go there on the night if you dare. And what of Nichgoul, well no one knows, he dissapeared shortly after the epic battle and only rumors and whispers carried by the wind tell of him in hiding, regretting and remorsing on killing his friend deep in the mountains, hidden from view.

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