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Guild List Edit

Alliance 32 Alliance Guilds Edit

Name Website GM Notes
Alterum Tantum Arilind
Ashes Of Phoenix Crimsonghost
Bravefart DDrumustix
Coldforged Device
DarkSunRising Otger
Defenders of Valor Astaren
East Dragon Warinuk
Enlightenment Amuin
Free Born Jacksole
Midnight Reveries Puhupux
Nerubian Hunters Jasper
Old Goat Tyranis
Pandion Knight Aldor
Plonkas of War Numpty
Pride N Glory Xhandria
Shreks Lair Wia
Stature of the Gods Abraxa
Super Mega Awesome Guild Iratta
The Crazy Eights Jaynee
The Dominion Aereon
The Gnometrotters Agustkri
The Great Danes Bone
The Guild Gregadin
Total Cabal Birchman
Touch Me Leodin
Viikate Aerolite
Vincere Prästugglan

Horde 32 Horde Guilds Edit

Name Website GM Notes
Apathia Steff
Apex Welt
Aztecs Phruity
Convicted Convbank
Cowboys From Hell Juver
DarkStorm Lylz
e peen Marukoer
Embrace Meshift
Eternal Pain Bims
Furious Angels Ubdead
Gifu http://www.Gifu.Fi Gnarlak
Invictus Aranon
Kalevlased Narade
No Danger Heretian
Pat Sharpes Potato Rodeo Pauldaniels
Punished Divorce
Puppeteers Deadkid
Reloaded Melindor
Requiem Zmain
Slashcry Ungoliath
Syntax Error Mors
The Forgotten Few Anjo
The Grey Company Rancid
The Promise of Pain Smackowich
The Watchmen Ulysses
Tæskeholdet Jazmin
Veterans False
XXV Zervin

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