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Kious is a Blood Elf Warlock known mainly for his time as Guild Leader of Horde guild: Arcane Corruption , which was disbanded in 2008. He and his guild have been the subject of numerous pieces of fan fiction.

Back Story and BiographyEdit

Below is a summary of fan fiction surrounding Kious.


Kious was once a promising mage of Silvermoon, where he was deemed has having "A great deal of potential, but not enough patience'. He was unlike most of his fellow student mages, He lived live to the excess and had many friends and spent as little time as possible studying. One day during his studies he was visited by a powerful shadow priest called A'mras who offered him the chance to accompany him on his latest adventure, which it turned out was for the pursuit of dark artifacts. Kious who was growing increasingly bored with live at home agreed to accompany this stranger on his mission. It was on this adventure that Kious would meet many of his future friends, including the Ork Warrior ' Kalliades'. The time spent away on this exhibition would permanently change Kious, and was the beginning of his journey into the Dark arts.

Corruption Edit

Towards the end of the six month expedition Kious began to realise that the the journey had changed him and permanently darkened his soul. His constant contact with demons and other creatures was rubbing off on him, and his addiction to the arcane magic had become ever more difficult to satisfy. He was also growing increasingly resentful of his new mentor A'mras who he believed was withholding knowledge from him. The climax of the journey was the discovery of a Dark Temple of worship, and it was here where Kious finally 'fell from grace'.

Within the Dark Temple they discovered an artefact, a magical amulet which housed a powerful demons soul and offered great power to anyone who wore it. Kious could feel the power dripping from the artefact, and was so consumed by desire for the object that the desire to claim it for his own was impossible to resist. Following the discovery of the artefact his mentor A'mras claimed the artefact as his own, and then announced to his fellow travellers that they had simply been pawns in his conquest for power, and now he had the artefact he didn't need them anymore. Kious was beset by rage and he later killed A'mras and claimed the artefact for himself. The demon contained within the amulet communicated to Kious and he gladly accepted his presence to further his pursuit of greater power. This would be the beginning of a power struggle between Kious and the Demon contained within the amulet.


Inevitable the demon within the amulet grew more and more possessive over Kious, and eventually manipulated Kious into helping him escape his amulet prision. However releasing the demon would be no easy task and it would be impossible to do alone. This was when he formed the guild 'Arcane Corruption' to help him obtain the numerous rare regents he required. It was during this time that Kious took on an apprentice; 'Kaeil' who led the guild while Kious was off acquiring what he needed mostly through thievery and death. One of the more notable cases was where he organised a full scale town raid just so that he might steal from the towns top magistrate in the chaos. His old Orc friend Kalliades became aware of what Kious was trying to do, and made it his mission to stop him.


With the unknowing help of his guild Kious was able to collect all that he required and was succesful in releasing the demon soul from its material prision. Upon release the Demon laughed at Kious and told him that he had been using him all along, but because of his loyal service he would spare his life. Suddenly, Kious's old friend Kalliades appeared and battled the demon in an attempt to destroy it before it could become more powerful. Despite the Demon's weakened state he defeated Kalliades, and Kalliades was sent tumbling down a deep gorge - it is unclear if Kalliades survived but he is assumed deceased. With the Demon's hold now broken and rage building inside him Kious did battle with the demon and finally managed to destroy it once and for all.


Although free of the demons grasp, Kious is still haunted by the memories of the acts he committed and now spends his time as an 'adventurer' and spends his time fighting against the greater evils of Azeroth to sooth his guilty conscious.




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