Overview Edit

Last Stand was a medium-sized, friendly guild that mostly focused on PvE.
Disbanded 11.10.2007 5 days after downing Gruul.

History Edit

The Guild formed from most members of Horde of War, the server's predominant PvP guild on 7/23/2006.
Zul'Gurub was cleared, most of AQ20 and Molten Core too.

Guild Progression Edit

The main focus lies on Karazhan nowadays (which is cleared with the exception of Netherspite) with growing focus on 25mans, where High King Maulgar died on the second night of attempts. A second group for Karazhan was started recently.

Recruitment Edit

When recruiting the focus lay more on friendly people than on perfect equip and 100% attendance.
This was also expressed that every full member could have their say about new applicants instead of an Officer decision.

Contact Edit

The website (which is not much more than a forum) can be reached at

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