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This article is a realm page for the Aggramar Europe realm (server)

This is a community maintained page and does not represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences. Information and events here are for community documentation of server particulars, history, or opinion.

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This is a brief history and tribute to all the former guilds and raidgroups, feel free to add any information you have. WW:GUILD - Disbanded guilds

Disbanded Guilds and Raidgroups Edit

Alliance Edit

Horde Edit

  • Bloodbound
  • Elexia
  • Hell Spawns
  • Insurrection
  • Last Stand (11.10.2007)
  • Nephilim
  • The Eyes of Yggdrasil (August 2005)
  • The Horde of War (July 2006)
  • The Myrmidons
  • Unity
  • Ygdrasil (August 2005)

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