Signature making skillz.

Zhiana is one of the oldest characters on Agamaggan EU. She is popular not only because she's a girl, but also because she is a warlock who has an enormous heart and is always ready to help people, and can frequently be seen giving DM and SM boosts to random lowbies when she's bored.

She is currently a member of elite raiding guild Tasteful Pain.

Famous Quotes: "Seriously, just take that warrior on for 2 seconds while I cap the flag." (To her holy priest PvP partner Adellia in AB.), "Well do you know what, SO IS YOUR FACE." , "Maybe in your dreams.", "CHILLAX.", "I'm dead. QQ.",

Famous For: Being awesome. Making people popular by association (or vice versa). Playing TriviaBot at inappropriate times, e.g. in raids. Complaining, and getting away with it (because she's awesome). Spice Girls karaoke..and making boss kill videos on her youtube account. Making epic signature plates for her guildies on the forums. Trying to make everyone join the Agamaggan EU Facebook group, even though she didn't even create the group itself.

Best of Agamaggan EU: Xenarios (Meeko), Alerada (Squishy), Slicing (Pumpkein), Caedis (Awex), Clarah (Sexy), Zafir (Jigglypuff), ßlóód (Buttercup), Adellia (Champion), Buffysummers (Capt. Buffbuff) and many more.

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