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Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Militis Alliance 15 Agamaggan_Europe IconSmall Human Male Ui-charactercreate-classes warrior Warrior 70 Dark Disciples Knight

Militis - Character History pre-BC Edit


Militis at Lv. 60

Militis, created by Miles, the Human Warrior was born on 22/9/2005 along with his brother Max who made a Human Priest called Maximant. Before Militis, Miles had leveled a Human Warrior to his early 20's and a Dwarf Priest also. Unsurpisingly they were also called Militis. When Miles tempted his brother to buy World of Warcraft and make a character with his on the server Agamaggan Militis1 and Militis2 were promptly deleted and the Militis as you know him was born.

Shortly after Militis and Maximant were created the two players decided to from a guild together. It was hard not to notice the high population of Spanish players on the realm at that time and, because they wanted their new guild to stand out and be unique, The British Brotherhood was formed. The original idea of this guild was to only allow players from the U.K. and R.O.I. to join to create a closer and more friendly atmosphere than the typical guild.

Over time The British Brotherhood grew greatly in number. Some key members included: Baulder, Ulthor, Brierflint, Vampelt, Fathermerrin, Krull, Grendel, Stratoz, Targwin, Dipsy, Zelden, Leilina, Kujata, Deadshot, Justahunter, Arkendor, Dontai, Mortezu, Duola, Daggerdoo, Volcom and many, many more. For a brief period Agamaggan Forum celebrity Chubsie joined but left shortly after.

The British Brotherhood was heading for great things but some unsavoury members slipped into the guild and started causing trouble. Some minor arguments broke out about the guild's standing on foreign members joining and a few well loved members quit. TBB managed to recover however and thanks to Grendel TBB got its very own website and forum! There was great unrest for many of the Lv. 60's who wanted more than just endless Stratholme runs and who wanted the guild to go to the next level and start raiding ZG and eventually MC / Onyxia. So with the help of Hungarian Honored some lucky TBB members got their very own taste of the raiding lifestyle.

Some short time later Duola quit WoW and from then on things went downhill. Many members left to join more professional raiding guilds (Malus Spiritus, Myths/Unity, Dark Disciples etc.) and eventually, after over a year as the Guild Master of TBB Militis left to join his brother and other ex-TBB members in the guild Dark Disciples.

For much of the time after Lv. 40 Militis continued to use his Whirlwind Axe. After many jokes made at his expense Militis went to the AH and bought himslef a Lord Alexander's Battleaxe and after some time at Lv. 60 got himself an Arcanite Reaper made so he could run around smashing the faces of Horde in while screaming "ARCANITE REAPER HOOOOOOOOO!". After a while of raiding with Dark Disciples Militis won the Manslayer of Ahn'Quiraj from AQ20 and used that until reaching Outland in early 2007.

By the time Dark Disciples ended it's Azeroth raidin shortly before Christmas 2006 and started getting ready for the Burning Crusade Militis had been in raids that cleared ZG, AQ20, MC, Onyxia, BWL and started AQ40. Decked out in hawt DPS gear and Uber tanking armour Militis awaited BC and all that it had to offer.

Militis - Character History post-BC Edit


Militis at Lv. 70

For leveling Militis specced Fury and picked up a MH sword from the first Ramparts boss and an OH sword from Honor Hold. Militis dinged Lv. 70 on 9/2/2007, a few weeks after BC was released and was the second warrior in Dark Disciples to do so. A few days after Militis got Lv. 70 he specced to Protection to be more useful in future instances and raids. Militis bought and now frequently flys an Ebon Gryphon around Outland, looking very stylish as he does, of course.

After a long struggle to attain 350 Blacksmithing Militis crafted himself a Fireguard, an epic Lv. 70 one-handed sword. This however left Militis all but bankrupt and he can now be seen grinding all accross Outland to pay back loans.

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