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This article is a realm page for the Aerie Peak US realm (server)

This is a community maintained page and does not represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences. Information and events here are for community documentation of server particulars, history, or opinion.

Alliance GuildsEdit

Alliance 15Alliance
Guild Website Link Armory Link GM Raid Start
Alone Website Armory Dabo 4:00 ST
Andalusia Website Armory Zyriab various
Avalon Website Armory Kedoin 6:30 ST
Council Website Unknown Armory Supremzx 9:00 ST
The Crimson Knights Website Armory Vslayer 5:00 ST
Endure Website Armory Rayche 8:00 ST
Eternal Darkness Website Armory Aredeis 5:00 ST
Fanatic Website Unknown Armory Ryonna 3:45 ST
Flock to our Banner Website Unknown Armory Oakmurderer 5:00 ST
Forgotten Kingdom Website Armory Gentilini 5:30 ST
Forgotten Soldiers Website Armory Lomiel 10:30 ST
Fusìon Website Armory Aceline 3:30 ST
GenocideX Website Armory Pmf 6:00 ST (Sat&Sun)
Go Away Kid U Bother Me Website Unknown [1] Skathi
I HATE MURLOCS No Website Armory Litive
Insanity Website Armory Envý 6:00 ST
Intense Apathy Website Armory Zanatris 5:00 ST
Invictus Website Armory Gerarrd 7:30 ST
Keel Haul Website Armory Umbravocare
Kingdom of Heaven Website Unknown Armory Citizenradu 9:00 ST
The Knights Templars Website Armory Marlow
Late Crew Website Armory Thehuntid 8:00 ST
Mail Enhancement Website Armory Guppyball 6:00 ST
Measure of Faith Website Armory Lakhesis 5:00 ST
Midnight Fire Website Armory Gorgonis 5:30 ST
Mythos Website Armory Mishakal 6:00 ST
My Other Mount is Tauren Website Armory Anaea 4:30 ST
One Percent Website Armory Sicorax 2:00 ST
Outlanders Website Armory Unknown 6:00 ST
Paragøn Website Armory Kaìm 5:30 ST
Pride Website Armory Rosamyna 5:00 ST
Prodigy Website Armory Primius 5:00 ST
Reborn Website Armory Shadowswirl 6:00 ST
Rival Nation Website Unknown Armory Catdancer
The Seraphim Website Armory Kadoorah 5:30 ST
Shameless Website Armory Shamakazi 6:00 ST
Tel Mithrim Website Armory Zenya 5:00 ST
Tenacious Deeds Website Armory Mourdy 8:00 ST
Thundergoats Website Armory Jollii 5:30 ST
Toy Soldiers Website Armory Kaitlanna 4:00 ST
Unknown Influence Website Armory Umber
Uprising Website Armory Uziga 5:30 ST
Vålor Website Armory Muligan 6:30 ST
Wayward Enforcers Website Armory Sengoret 4:00 ST
Wrath Dynasty Website Armory Lowzon 4:30 ST
Kinsmen Website Arnory Blackfield 6 ST

Horde GuildsEdit

Horde 15Horde
Guild Website Link Armory Link GM Raid Start
Control Freaks Website Armory Vitamyn 12:00 ST
Dead by Dawn Website Armory Ranvar 4:00 ST
Eternal Legion Website Armory Devilsspawn 3:30 ST
Geriatric Ward Website Armory Unscratch
Knights of Oblivion Website Armory Roguepaladin 6:30 ST
Senile No Website Armory Jab 9:45 ST
Tribe Website Armory Pixie 6:00 ST
Unrivaled Website Armory Killfiend 6:00 ST
The Forsaken Blade No Website Armory Bharg Varies
Horde 15Inactive and Disbanded Horde Guilds
Guild Former GM Current Status Notes
Abaddon Kmage Disbanded
Anomaly Maeryn Disbanded
Asylum Bastillea Server Changed Crushridge
Hammer of Ruination Styngur Disbanded
Carpe Noctem Krunkar Disbanded
Exiled Dogy Disbanded
Fallen Counsel Darkrath Disbanded
Havoc Totempting Disbanded
Invasion Kaosmage Disbanded
NC Seventeen Soniara Disbanded
Sons of Tyrael Unknown Disbanded

Note: ST stands for Server Time, which is Pacific Standard Time

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