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This article is a realm page for the Aegwynn US realm (server)

This is a community maintained page and does not represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences. Information and events here are for community documentation of server particulars, history, or opinion.

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Aegwynn (PvP) Edit

Aegwynn Forum

The Burning Crusade Guild Progression Edit

The following tables represent the progression of the server. The bosses listed are the bosses you have downed not bosses you are currently working on.

Italics indicates that the guild killed bosses out of order and has only killed the bosses listed.

To have your guild added or updated, or if you notice a mistake please:

Add or update your guild manually. (Please make sure you know what you are doing, do not destroy the template.)

25 Member Raid Dungeons Edit



Gruul's Lair

Magtheridon's Lair

Serpentshrine Cavern

The Eye

Mount Hyjal

The Black Temple

Outdoor Bosses

Guild Progress Edit

Guild Gruul's Lair Magtheridon's Lair Serpentshrine Cavern The Eye Mount Hyjal The Black Temple Outdoor Bosses
Alliance 15Aftermath Cleared - - - - - -
Alliance 15Apex Cleared - Hydross the Unstable (skipped) - - - -
Alliance 15Depraved Cleared Cleared Leotheras the Blind Al'ar (skipped) - - Doom Lord Kazzak Doomwalker
Alliance 15d o w n t i m e Cleared Cleared - - - - -
Alliance 15Enclave Cleared Cleared Leotheras the Blind Al'ar (skipped) - - Doom Lord Kazzak
Alliance 15GLORY Cleared - - - - - -
Alliance 15PvP Inc Cleared - - - - - -
Alliance 15RsF Gruul - - - - - -
Alliance 15DoA Cleared Cleared Leotheras the Blind Solarion - - -
Horde 15Edge of Insanity Cleared - - - - - -
Horde 15ENMITY Cleared Cleared - - - - -

Horde 15Shatter Cleared Cleared Cleared Cleared Archimonde Illidan Stormrage Doom Lord Kazzak Doomwalker
Horde 15ROFLCOPTER Cleared - - Al'ar (skipped) - - -
Horde 15Pirates of Dark Water Cleared Cleared Morogrim Tidewalker - - - -

Karazhan Edit





Opera Event

Guild Progress Edit

Guild Main Optional Opera Event
Alliance 15Aftermath Cleared Cleared Cleared
Alliance 15Apex Cleared Cleared Cleared
Alliance 15Depraved Cleared Cleared Cleared
Alliance 15DoA Cleared - Cleared
Alliance 15d o w n t i m e Cleared Cleared Cleared
Alliance 15Enclave Cleared Cleared Cleared
Alliance 15For The Wynn Cleared Cleared Cleared
Alliance 15Clouds of Smoke Cleared Cleared Cleared
Alliance 15GLORY Cleared - Cleared
Alliance 15PvP Inc Cleared Cleared Cleared
Alliance 15RsF Cleared Nightbane Cleared
Horde 15Aegis Shade of Aran Cleared Cleared
Horde 15Edge of Insanity Cleared Cleared Cleared
Horde 15ENMITY Cleared Cleared Cleared
Horde 15Fifth Column Cleared Cleared Cleared
Horde 15Fruit Vendor Cleared Netherspite Cleared
Horde 15Peace Naga Cleared Netherspite Cleared
Horde 15Not Enough Players Shade of Aran - Cleared
Horde 15Pantheon Cleared Cleared Cleared
Horde 15Playing With Noobs Cleared Cleared Cleared
Horde 15ROFLCOPTER Cleared Cleared Cleared
Horde 15Serious Business Shade of Aran - Cleared
Horde 15Shatter Cleared Cleared Cleared
Horde 15The Crimson Horde Cleared - Cleared
Horde 15Vir Tumultus The Curator - -

Rare Enchants and CraftablesEdit

The following tables make finding the rare enchant or craftable you need much quicker and easier than spamming trade chat to no avail.

I would like to keep the rare pattern list small so please only post if you can craft an item or give an enchant that would be difficult to find in trade chat. If you believe that I have an item listed that is common please also let me know about that so it can be removed from the list.

If you can craft one of these items or you notice a mistake please:

a. Add or update the appropriate table manually. (Please make sure you know what you are doing, do not destroy the template.)

b. Contact Skadi of <Depraved> in game or post on this Aegwynn forum thread.

Trade alchemyAlchemyEdit

Item Alliance 15Alliance Horde 15Horde
Flask of Relentless Assault - Unstabull
Flask of Mighty Restoration Aerrowyn Galgoroth
Flask of Fortification Aerrowyn -
Flask of Arcane Fortification - Galgoroth
Flask of Shadow Fortification Aerrowyn Galgoroth
Haste Potion - -
Heroic Potion - -
Insane Strength Potion - -
Fel Mana Potion - Unstabull
Elixir of Major Mageblood - -
Fel Strength Elixir Aerrowyn Zenji

Trade blacksmithingBlacksmithingEdit

Item Alliance 15Alliance Horde 15Horde
Black Felsteel Bracers - -
Blessed Bracers - Hectronic
Bracers of the Green Fortress - -
Dirge - -
Felsteel Reaper - Bulvai
Eternium Runed Blade - Psychotic
Fel Edged Battleaxe - -
Felfury Gauntlets - -
Fel Hardened Maul - Gapvoy
Felsteel Longblade Chorian -
Hand of Eternity - -
Oathkeeper's Helm - -
Runic Hammer - Falkor
Steelgrip Gauntlets - -
Storm Helm Chorian -

Trade engravingEnchantingEdit

Item Alliance 15Alliance Horde 15Horde
Enchant 2H Weapon - Savagery Ddirtyape, Mazix, Nathanbp, Elentari Micaz, Aranea, Searingdeath, Kersey
Enchant 2H Weapon - Major Agility Bynop, Darkcolors, Elentari Aranea, Maldais
Enchant Weapon - Mongoose Cirayne, Gozhangsu, Lexee, Windrush Mega,Aranea,Micaz,Trike,Nirex,Kwikheal,Kersey,Amarynth.
Enchant Weapon - Soulfrost Bynop - Kanoa
Enchant Weapon - Sunfire Shadowj Aequitam, Kwikheal, Kersey
Enchant Weapon - Battlemaster Darkcolors Kersey
Enchant Weapon - Spellsurge Darkcolors,Elleron Aranea,Pachi,Aranea,Kersey
Enchant Weapon - Major Spellpower Bynop, Cirayne, Darkcolors, Ddirtytape, Elleron, Hagao Searingdeath, Aequitam, Pachi, Aranea, Jesumurtio, CinnaDuma, Kersey
Enchant Weapon - Major Healing Bynop, Cirayne, Darkcolors, Elleron, Hagao, Nathanbp, Chorian Micaz, Pachi, Maldais, Aranea, Searingdeath, Kersey
Enchant Weapon - Potency Nathanbp,Bladev,Gozhangsu, Bynop Micaz, Kersey
Enchant Weapon - Major Intellect Bynop, Cirayne, Gozhangsu, Nightshal, Windrush Micaz,Pachi,Aranea,Phazeone, Searingdeath, Kersey
Enchant Bracer - Spellpower Bynop, Darkcolors Kersey
Enchant Bracer - Fortitude Bynop Kersey
Enchant Bracer - Major Defense - CinnaDuma, Kersey
Enchant Boots - Surefooted - Aequitam
Enchant Boots - Boar's Speed - Kersey
Enchant Boots - Cat's Swiftness - Kersey
Enchant Boots - Dexterity Oaccious Sadface
Enchant Boots - Fortitude Oaccious Kersey
Enchant Cloak - Greater Arcane Resistance Bynop, Oaccious Kwikheal, CinnaDuma, Kersey
Enchant Cloak - Greater Shadow Resistance Bynop, Darkcolors Searingdeath, CinnaDuma, Kersey
Enchant Gloves - Superior Agility - Searingdeath, Kersey

Trade engineeringEngineeringEdit

Item Alliance 15Alliance Horde 15Horde
Stabilized Eternium Scope Vongimi -

Inv misc gem 02JewelcraftingEdit

Item Alliance 15Alliance Horde 15Horde
Circlet of Arcane Might Gankster Kersey
Coronet of Verdant Flame - Pestulan, Pebon, Afterglow
Ring of Arcane Shielding Millinosch,Gankster Pestulan
Khorium Band of Shadows - -
Arcane Khorium Band Gankster -
Tenacious Earthstorm Diamond Darcblood Kersey
Mystical Skyfire Diamond Gankster Pestulan, Kersey
Destructive Skyfire Diamond Darcblood Pestulan, Pebon, Kersey
Brutal Earthstorm Diamond Darcblood Kersey
Relentless Earthstorm Diamond Gankster Kersey
Powerful Earthstorm Diamond Gankster, Millinosch, Darcblood Pestulan, Kersey
Bracing Earthstorm Diamond Millinosch, Darcblood Pestulan, Pebon, Kersey
Wicked Noble Topaz - Maguss, Kersey

Trade leatherworkingLeatherworkingEdit

Item Alliance 15Alliance Horde 15Horde
Cobrascale Gloves - -
Cobrascale Hood - -
Earthen Netherscale Boots - Korvazor, Dragera
Gloves of the Living Touch - -
Hood of Primal Life - -
Living Dragonscale Helm - -
Netherdrake Gloves - Dragera
Netherdrake Helm - -
Thick Netherscale Breastplate - Rawrin
Windscale Hood - Korvazor
Windslayer Wraps - -
Windstrike Gloves - -

Trade tailoringTailoringEdit

Item Alliance 15Alliance Horde 15Horde
Battlecast Hood - Xg
Battlecast Pants - Jesumurtio
Spellstrike Hood - Pestulan
Spellstrike Pants Bynop Defaca
Whitemend Hood - -
Whitemend Pants - Pestulan, Jesumurtio
Bracers of Havok Bynop -
Girdle of Ruination - Evoken, Pestulan
Unyielding Girdle - Pestulan
Resolute Cape - -
Vengeance Wrap - Pestulan, Defaca
Cloak of Eternity - -
Manaweave Cloak - -
Cloak of Arcane Evasion Bynop Pestulan, CinnaDuma
Cloak of the Black Void - -
Glacial Cloak - -
Gaea's Embrace Bynop -
Soulcloth Gloves Bynop Sandman, Pestulan, Jesumurtio, CinnaDuma
Soulcloth Vest - Sandman
Soulcloth Shoulders - Naosu
Arcanoweave Boots Bynop -
Arcanoweave Robe Bynop Jesumurtio
Belt of Blasting - Nirex

Notable Players Edit

Rank 14Edit

The following players achieved PvP Rank 14 during Vanilla.[1]

Alliance 15Grand Marshal Horde 15High Warlord
  • Eggrollz - Rogue
  • Pwnercycle - Warrior
  • Tethys - Mage
  • Bladev - Warrior
  • Mollie - Rogue
  • Morde - Rogue
  • Murik - Rogue
  • Atena - Paladin
  • Emmel - Hunter
  • Nzfire - Mage
  • Cronn - Mage
  • Dhya - Rogue
  • Galaden - Warrior
  • Gameova - Rogue
  • Sorca - Mage
  • Rheyx - Rogue
  • Easycheese - Warrior
  • Hempman - Shaman*
  • Ferro - Druid
  • Mega - Mage
  • Donatello - Shaman
  • Kactus - Warrior
  • Alfred - Priest
  • Lai - Warrior
  • Gorlick - Rogue
  • Skittle - Rogue
  • Verclore - Mage
  • Prodigy - Mage
  • Kayz - Priest
  • Illuminatus - Mage
  • Bestcowevar - Shaman
  • Kharla - Priest
  • Vollrath - Rogue

*Server First

Gladiators Edit

Season 1 Edit

Alliance 15Alliance Horde 15Horde
[Faytx] [Law]
[Jekl] [Bonnei]
[Kyouya] [Scaryfoo]
[Mock] [Grifter]
[Mousse] [Heartbreak]
[Privilege] [Goto]
[Valiz] [Wandu]
[Vaus] [Phocas]
[Anteros] [Sandman]
[Lennar] [Scold]
- [Scripture]
- [Franswa]

Season 2 Edit

Alliance 15Alliance Horde 15Horde
Dramacydle -
Lumia -

Note: All the season 1 gladiators transferred off during season 2.

External linksEdit


  1. ^ Archived Thread listing Rank 14 players in order. [1]

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