The Servants of Ilgalar are demon hounds found in and around the Tower of Ilgalar in Redridge Mountains [78.3, 46.9]

Drops Edit

Battlemastergossipicon Level Type Slot Drop %
Inv misc bone 05 [Familiar Horn] 1 Junk 32.85%
Inv misc bone 08 [Familiar Fang] 1 Junk 32.79%
Inv misc pelt wolf 02 [Familiar Hide] 1 Junk 32.47%
Inv misc bone 06 [Familiar Claw] 1 Junk 31.72%

0.06% Chance of a rare drop.
2.05% Chance of an Uncommon drop.
0.17% Chance of a common drop.
0.12% Chance of a poor drop.
Note: % drop chance was correct at the time the page was generated/created. This will not be updated.

Skinning Edit

Inv misc pelt wolf 01 Level Drop%
Inv misc leatherscrap 05 [Medium Leather] 20 54.90%
Inv misc leatherscrap 03 [Light Leather] 10 37.00%
Inv misc pelt boar ruin 02 [Medium Hide] 20 4.21%
Inv misc pelt wolf ruin 02 [Light Hide] 10 3.87%

Attacks and abilities Edit

In addition to a basic melee attack, it can cast Rank 1 of Mana Burn, draining mana and dealing shadow damage. This ability is retained when enslaved.

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