Sentinel Sweetspring is a member of the Sentinel Army and the stable master at Stars' Rest, Dragonblight. Her saber cat mount and guardian Snowpaw rests behind her. It seems she likes to tease people who are of a serious nature or unaware that she doing so.

Character InteractionsEdit

This character will perform an emote to Sentinel Amberline and she will respond to it:

Sentinel Sweetspring grins at Sentinel Amberline across the camp, waggling her long eyebrows suggestively.
Sentinel Amberline huffs with annoyance, glaring briefly at Sentinel Sweetspring before turning away with her nose in the air.

She will sometimes speak with Naohain in Darnassian:

Sentinel Sweetspring peers at Modoru's Draenic robes.
Sentinel Sweetspring says: [Darnassian] Pssst. Naohain. Why does Modoru still wear those ridiculous robes? He looks like some interdimensional bumpkin who stumbled out of Ammen Vale not six hours past.
Naohain says: [Darnassian] I... I do not know.

She will also continue on this subject later on with Modoru:

Sentinel Sweetspring peers at Modoru's Draenic robes.
Sentinel Sweetspring says: Say, Modoru. Where did you get those... ah... "wonderful" robes of yours, hmmm?
Modoru beams, unaware that she is teasing him, answering in his thickly-accented Common.
Modoru says: Well! You see, was gift from Grandmother Oluba. She hand-weave from finest silk on Draenor! Am quite proud of, yes.
Sentinel Sweetspring says: Oh. Oh... I see. How nice!
Sentinel Sweetspring bites back a laugh.
Snowpaw snickers, nuzzling into Sentinel Sweetspring's ankles.

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