The Sentinel Spies is an expedition to the homelands of the blood elves in order to spy and sabotage them. They consist completely of night elves with one exeption, the dwarf Prospector Anvilward. Most of their activities take place in the Ghostlands, but also a few in the Eversong Woods.

Known MembersEdit

Night Elf Ambusher

A Night elf Ambusher

Known members of the Sentinel Spies are:

Activities in the GhostlandsEdit

The Ghostlands are the main place where the expedition's operations take place and where they have even built a headquarter and some camps.

Shalandis IsleEdit

On the Shalandis Isle the expedition seems to have arrived with their ship and on this island they've set up their main base. The ship is still moored there and they have built three towers and a few tents. The plans for most of their actions can be found here. On this isle is a high concentration of Sentinel Spies.




An'owyn is one of the three camps where the Sentinel Spies are using the local Ley line nexi, made usable with a scrying orbs and a [Crystal Controlling Orb], to spy on the Blood Elves. The camp, consisting of some tents and the moon crystal orb hold by branches positioned in the middle, is located in the south east.


An'daroth is one of the three camps set up by the Sentinel Spies to spy on the Blood Elves. The camp, located in the north west, too is built of some tents and the moon crystal orb in the middle. Here resides one of their leaders, the Sentinel Leader.


An'telas, lying near the Sanctum of the Sun is the third camp to spy on the Blood Elves, but this camp was attacked by forces of Tranquillien led by Magister Sylastor and overrun. Only the tents, the crystal and some Night Elf Corpses are left of the Sentinel Spies. After delivering their plans to Magister Sylastor two Night Elf Ambushers will attack, trying to get the plans back.

Activities in the Eversong WoodsEdit

Prospector Anvilward

The dwarven undercover agent

The Sentinel Spies don't have much personel or aims in the Eversong Woods, but around the West Sanctum some Darnassian Scouts are working together with the dwarf Prospector Anvilward. He, in the role of an envoy of Ironforge, is friendly to the Blood Elves and talks a lot to Ley-Keeper Caidanis, but secretly delivers documents to the Spies in order to gather informations about the Sanctum and to manipulate them so they have malfunctions.