Sen'jin Village

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Horde 32 Sen'jin Village
Sen'jin Village TCG
"Vol'jin relocated his people to this village on the coast of southern Durotar."
Leader(s)Master Gadrin while Vol'jin is away
Race(s)IconSmall Troll MaleIconSmall Troll Female Jungle troll
Language(s)Zandali, Orcish
AffiliationDarkspear Trolls
LocationSouthern Durotar
Sources: Lands of Mystery pg 34-35

Sen'jin Village is the hometown of the Darkspear tribe located on the eastern coast of Durotar and counts 2000 inhabitants, mostly jungle trolls.

History Edit

After the trolls of the Darkspear tribe were forced to flee the Echo Isles because of Zalazane, Vol'jin relocated his people to the southern coast of Durotar. Vol'jin named the village after his father and former master Sen'Jin, who fell while saving his people from rampaging murlocs long ago (during the Third War). Vol'jin now resides within Orgrimmar as an advisor to Thrall. In his stead, he has left the troll Master Gadrin in charge of seeing to the needs of the small village.

Overview Edit

Usually the first settlement most orcs and trolls encounter on their adventures after around level 5. The road from the Valley of Trials leads east to a crossroads. The path to Sen'jin heads southeast, while the other path turns north toward Razor Hill.

Sen'jin Village consists of:

  • 3 very small huts
  • 2 small huts
  • 1 big hut

Inhabitants Edit

Senjin Village

Sen'jin Village as seen in-game.


Flight PathsEdit

Horde 15 Razor Hill, Durotar

Quests Edit

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