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m (clean up, Replaced: {{tooltip → {{{{{tpl|tooltip}}}, using AWB)
m (adding ID to infobox, replaced: {{{{{tpl|tooltip}}} |mode={{{mode|}}} |arg={{{arg|}}} |itemid=6630 |block=11 |icon=INV_Shield_10 |quality=Rare |name=Seedcloud Buckler |durability=90 |attrib=+6 Intellect <br /> +3 Spirit |bind=BoP |type=Shield |slo...)
Line 6: Line 6:
|name=Seedcloud Buckler
|name=Seedcloud Buckler|id=6630
|attrib=+6 Intellect <br /> +3 Spirit
|attrib=+6 Intellect <br /> +3 Spirit

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Inv shield 10

Source Edit

Seedcloud Buckler is dropped by Verdan the Everliving in the Wailing Caverns.

Notes Edit

It is a good shield for caster Shamans and Paladins, with a decent level of armor and a nice block rating.

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