Searris[34, 97]
is one of the named elementals that spawns in Sethria's Roost during the Firelands Invasion in Mount Hyjal. Killing him is a requirement for the achievement Money achievement The Fiery Lord of Sethria's Roost.


  • The most annoying ability Searris has is his Ignite ability. Not only does it cause fire damage, but also serves as a fear ability, making the player run around, and possibly into other mobs. It is interruptable. Having a 40-yard range, it is advised that ranged classes stay clear as much as possible.
  • Searris can also summon fire elementals called Seethers, much like the nearby Seething Pyrelords. These are relatively easy to kill.
  • You must tag Searris in order to get credit for the achievement.

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