This might hurt.... a lot.

Searing Pain is a Fire-based direct damage spell for Warlocks. It is the main attack spell for Warlocks tanking end-game bosses due to the added threat, and for the same reason is not generally used for DPS.

Rank tableEdit

Rank Level Damage Cost
1 18 34 - 42 13Silver 50Copper
2 26 59 - 71 40Silver
3 34 86 - 104 72Silver
4 42 122 - 146 1Gold 10Silver
5 50 158 - 188 1Gold 35Silver
6 58 204 - 240 2Gold 40Silver
7 65 243 - 287 4Gold 60Silver
8 70 270 - 320 7Gold 80Silver
9 74 295 - 349 16Gold
10 79 343 - 405 16Gold



Tips and TacticsEdit

  • In PvP, players may favor it over Shadow Bolt due to its low casting time and thus opportunistic nature against moving targets. It also doesn't leave a telltale trail that gives away the caster's location.
  • In PvE, the spell has limited uses due to its extra threat. However, the ability to draw hate from a mob may be useful if you are trying to distract the mob from your pet or another player. Against certain fights (See: Shade of Aran) where DPS and survivability are needed, and there is no set threat table, this spell also works well.

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