Sean Dempsey

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AllianceNPC 32Sean Dempsey
Sean Dempsey
Gender Male
Race(s) Undead, Human (formerly)
Level 3
Health 138
Mana 79
Affiliation Gilneas
Location Stoneward Prison, Gilneas
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Sean Dempsey is a human who got wounded during an attack from the hostile worgen within Stoneward Prison[56.4, 64.7] in Gilneas City. The Gilnean player protects him and his companions Darius Crowley, Tobias Mistmantle and Vincent Hersham during an other worgen attack.

It seems that he was somehow eaten by crocolisks afterwards. Forsaken players find his Partially Digested Head after killing one of the beasts and return it to Lord Godfrey. After finding Sean's torso, appendages and giblets as well, he is reanimated briefly as a Forsaken.

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