Sealed Tome

The seal is weak enough to break.

Source Edit

This item is a container that can be found in the Guardian's Library in Karazhan.

Effects Edit

  • Looting the object has one of two results:
    1. Places one of four books in your inventory, which, when used, grant certain buffs for 60 minutes. The books disappear when you leave Karazhan (and you of course lose the buff when you die).
    2. Inflicts one of five debuffs.

Books (buffs) Edit

Only one book effect can be active on one player at the same time.

There are a bunch of them on a ledge right underneath the entrance (Private Library Door) to the Shade of Aran room.

Possible buff books:

Currently there is a bug with looting books that you have already in your inventory. The object appears as empty and then vanishes. A workaround is to let only people without any book loot the book objects, as the book items are tradeable.

Debuffs Edit

All five debuffs are called "Curse of the Tampered Tome," but each is of a different debuff type and each affects a different stat.

-50 Strength Curse
-50 Agility Disease
-50 Stamina Magic
-50 Intellect Poison
-50 Spirit Unclassified

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