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Inv scroll 03

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This item is mailed to the player from the Keeper of the Rolls after turning in [A Careworn Note].

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Hello, <name>. As it turns out, I've unearthed a bit of information from that note.

On James, I could find little, I fear. However, I did uncover a bit of family information on Amelia.

While neither she nor her children survived the war, her brother did, a man named Alexander Calder; you can find him in the Forlorn Cavern within Ironforge, studying the dangerous magic of the Burning Legion.

She also had a cousin to which she was close, a woman now known as Deze Snowbane, who promotes the battle for the Arathi Basin within Orgrimmar.

You should visit one of them when next you're in the area. I'm certain they'll be interested to hear of their lost Amelia, if nothing else.

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