The Seal of Corruption is the Horde equivalent of the Alliance's Seal of Vengeance. See the Seal of Vengeance article for information on the seal's mechanics, tactical utility, etc..

Tips & TacticsEdit

Primarily, it is meant as a tanking seal. It allows the paladin to put stacking, Damage Over Time threat on a target.

This is very useful while tanking as it allows the paladin to switch targets while still maintaining aggro, and it allows the paladin to generate instant threat in the event of a threat wipe.

It can also be useful in PvP against rogues who use Vanish as the Damage Over Time component will unstealth them.

The debuff will stack up to five times on the target and will last the full fifteen seconds, remaining even after a paladin (or multiple paladins) judges the Seal. If multiple paladins attack the same target with this Seal, it will only stack up to five with no further debuffs being applied, however, doing so will keep the stacks up allowing each of the paladins to each Judge for the full effect.

Hammer of the Righteous will apply a stack to all targets hit.

This seal is listed as magic, not melee, so it can not miss but it can be resisted.

Since patch 3.2 it became the main DPS seal for Retribution Paladins against mobs with enough HP to not die before Seal of Corruption takes full effect, such as bosses. However [Seal of Command] should be used on mobs that die quickly.

Patch changes Edit

  • Wrath-Logo-Small Patch 3.2.0 (04-Aug-2009): Inaccurate combat log tooltip corrected.

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