Sea Mist Ridge


Helpful faeries within the Ridge

Sea Mist Ridge is a high, lush cliff located south of the Wreck of the Sky Shark and north of Hellscream's Hope in the Jade Forest. The only inhabitants are sprites, though the land closely borders areas infested with hozen. The area has a few shrines or hovels within it, appearing to have been constructed by the sprites using forest materials.

The sprites are continually throwing their magic about in such a haphazard way as to be a danger to any who enter their domain. Adventurers should look for the swarms of light found at most of the shrines; these are "helpful faeries". Standing within their swarm will grant the following buff:

  • Spell nature healingway  [Helpful Faeries]ω ϖ—Helpful Faeries heal you periodically and increase mana regen when not in combat.

Inhabitants Edit

Patch changes Edit

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