This article is a part of the documentation of the Sea (AddOn) function library
-- create (tooltipTable, tooltipName)
--	Returns nil if failed, true if successful.
--	Dont forget to set ownership of the Tooltip before creation:
--	Use ToolTip:SetOwner,, or GameTooltip_SetDefaultAnchor 
--	*Currently ignores line size, font*
-- args
--	(table tooltipTable, String tooltipName)
--	tooltipTable - associated table of the strings for the tooltip
-- 	tooltipName (Optional) - the name of the tooltip frame, uses "GameTooltip" as default
-- Returns:
-- 	true (success) or nil (failure)
-- Example Usage:
--	local tooltip =;
--	table.insert(tooltip, {left="Cosmos Coder", leftColor={r=1}}, 2);
-- Example Result:
--	Insert red "Cosmos Coder" as line two of the current GameTooltip.

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