GetSpellDetails( index, bookType, spellTable )
:index		= Spell Index
:bookType	= "spell" or "pet"
:spellTable	= Where we store the data
 Returns a table: {
 	ID		- SpellID for the spell in the spellbook
 	castTime	- positive secs of cast time
 			-  0 Channeled
 			- -1 Instant Cast
 			- -2 Instant
 			- -3 Next melee / Next Ranged
 	crit		- x.x% crit chance
 	manaCost	- Mana cost
 	energyCost	- Energy cost
 	rageCost	- Rage cost
 	minRange	- Casting min range to target
 	maxRange	- Casting max range to target
 	cooldown	- cooldown between casts in seconds
 These variables aren't localized
 	requires	- What is required before the spell can be cast?
 	tools		- Tools required to cast the spell
 	reagents	- Reagents required to cast the spell
 	description	- Description

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