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This article is a part of the documentation of the Sea (AddOn) function library
-- hook( string originalFunctionName, string newFunction, string hooktype )
-- 	Hooks a function.
-- 	Example: 
-- 	  hook("some_blizzard_function","my_function","before|after|hide|replace");
-- 	Calls "my_function" before/after "some_blizzard_function".
-- 	If type is "hide", calls "my_function" before all
--     others, and only continues if it returns true.
-- 	If type is "replace", calls "my_function" instead of the
--     original function, but will also call the original function
--     afterwards if it returns  true.
--	You can also return a list of values to be returned,
--     but only if you don't return true as the first return.
--     Ex. return false, { val1, val2 };
-- 	This method is used so the hook can be later undone without
--     screwing up someone else's later hook.

Originally coded by Thott, Updated by Mugendai

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