This article is a part of the documentation of the Sea (AddOn) function library
	-- copy( table [, recursionList ]  )
	-- 	Copies the values of a table
	-- 	If you use tables as keys, it will probably fail.
	-- 	If a table is in this table, and that table has an entry at index 0,
	-- 	and that entry is of type UserData, then that table will not be
	-- 	recursed, as that table would be reference to a frame.
	-- args:
	-- 	table - the table you want copied
	-- 	recursionList - don't use this
	-- returns:
	-- 	table - the table containing the copy of the values

Update Note Edit

Sea.table.copy used to recurse frame references as if they were tables, this broke the reference.
It now will not recurse the entry if it is a table where index 0 is type UserData, as that is the form of a frame reference.

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