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This article is a part of the documentation of the Sea (AddOn) function library

A library in Sea, Sea.math contains various mathematical functions not found in WoW lua.

Constants in Sea.math Edit

  • pi - 3.14...

Functions in Sea.math Edit

  • rgbaFromHex - converts a series of 8 hex characters into RGBA
  • intFromHex - converts a hex string into an integer.
  • hexFromInt - converts an integer into a hex string
  • convertBase - a generic base conversion routine
  • round - rounds a float value to the closest integer, e.g. 0.4 to 0, 0.5 to 1, 123.8 to 124

Note: instead of using Sea.math.intFromHex(arg) use tonumber(arg,16) as latter should be faster.

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