This article is a part of the documentation of the Sea (AddOn) function library
-- Leather
leather = {
	"Ruined Leather Scraps",
	"Light Leather",
	"Light Hide",
	"Deviate Scale",
	"Black Whelp Scale",
	"Perfect Deviate Scale",
	"Red Whelp Scale",
	"Medium Leather",
	"Medium Hide",
	"Green Whelp Scale",
	"Heavy Leather",
	"Heavy Hide",
	"Scorpid Scale",
	"Shadowcat Hide", 
	"Thick Yeti Hide",
	"Thick Leather",
	"Thick Hide",
	"Thick Wolfhide",
	"Black Dragonscale",
	"Warbear Leather",
	"Heavy Scorpid Scale",
	"Rugged Leather",
	"Rugged Hide",
	"Turtle Scale",
	"Worn Dragonscale",
	"Blue Dragonscale",
	"Chimera Leather",
	"FrostSaber Leather",
	"Blue Dragonscale"

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