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This article is a part of the documentation of the Sea (AddOn) function library

-- Food
food =  {
	"Mutton Chop",
	"Hog Shank",
	"Tough Jerky",
	"Stormwind Brie",
	"Aged Cheddar",
	"Alterac Swiss",
	"Ham Steak",
	"Dalaran Sharp",
	"Dwarven Mild", 
	"Wolf Meat", 
	"Roasted Boar Meat",
	"Kaldorei Caviar",
	"Scorpid Surprise",
	"Beer Basted",
	"Smoked Bear Meat",
	"Roasted Kodo Meat",
	"Mud Snapper",
	"Rainbow Fin Albacore",
	"Strider Stew",
	"Fillet of Frenzy",
	"Boiled Clams",
	"Goretusk Liver Pie",
	"Loch Frenzy Delights",
	"Coyote Steak",
	"Blood Sausage",
	"Westfall Stew",
	"Crab Cake",
	"Crispy Lizard",
	"Pork Ribs",
	"Croclist Steak",
	"Savory Deviate",
	"Scorpid Surprise",
	"Cooked Crab Claw",
	"Dig Rat Stew",
	"Murloc Fin Soup",
	"Clam Chowder",
	"Seasoned Wolf",
	"Spider Cake",
	"Bear Steak",
	"Pork Ribs",
	"Lion Chops",
	"Goblin Deviled",
	"Tasty Lion Steak",
	"Barbecued Buzzard",
	"Giant Clam Scorcho",
	"Soothing Turtle",
	"Rockscale Cod",
	"Cave Mold",
	"eckled Mushroom",
	"Mushroom Cap",
	"Strider Stew",
	"Mystery Stew",
	"Roast Raptor",
	"Carrion Surprise",
	"Dragonbreath Chi",
	"Spiced Chi",
	"Monster Om",
	"Spiced Wolf",
	"Goldthorn Tea",
	"Ice Cream"

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