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This article is a part of the documentation of the Sea (AddOn) function library

The tables contain item types.

Chapters in Edit

A list of the Chapters in the and what they should contain. Please note: Keyword lists are not complete lists. (Keyword lists are used with Sea.list.isWordInList to classify items).

If you modify something that will require an update to the source code, leave a note on Alex's Noteboard.

Basic Items
  • food - list of all in-game foods
  • drink - list of all in-game drinks
  • herb - list of all in-game herbs
  • ore - list of all in-game ores
  • gem - list of all in-game gems
  • potion - list of keywords to identify potions
  • cloth - list of keywords to identify cloth
  • leather - list of all in-game leather

Class Items
  • mage - list of keywords to identify mage items
  • shaman - list of keywords to identify shaman items
  • warlock - list of keywords to identify warlock items
  • rogue - list of keywords to identify rogue poisons

Reagent Items

New Items:

Profession Items
  • leatherworking - list of items which identify leatherworking profession only items
  • fishing - list of keywords to identify fishing items

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