School of Tastyfish only spawn during the Fishing Tournament in Stranglethorn Vale, every Sunday at 2-4PM server time. This school doesn't seem to go towards the achievement Money achievement The Old Gnome and the Sea

Contains Edit

Item Catch Notes
Inv misc fish 21 [Speckled Tastyfish] 80%
Inv misc monsterhead 01 [Firefin Snapper] 5%
Inv misc monsterhead 04 [Oily Blackmouth] 5%
Inv misc fish 11 [Stonescale Eel] 5%
Inv misc fish 10 [Brownell's Blue Striped Racer] rare
Inv misc fish 09 [Dezian Queenfish] rare
Inv misc fish 08 [Keefer's Angelfish] rare
Inv misc fish 27 [Rockhide Strongfish] rare Criteria of Money achievement One That Didn't Get Away

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