Most of these Paladins were once part of the noble Knights of the Silver Hand. But after Uther Lightbringer was slain, many joined the budding Scarlet Crusade in order to strike back at the Scourge menace. Residing within the cathedral at the Scarlet Monastery of Tirisfal Glades, these Scarlet Champions vowed to wield their mighty hammers to repel those foolish enough to enter the monastery walls.

For all their holy powers, there are Champions that fall in battle against the undead. These Fallen Champions have been resurrected as minions of the Lich King and have been seen roaming the Scarlet Graveyard, though such sightings are rare.

Fighting Scarlet Champions is rather straight-forward; although they are Paladins, Champions do not actually heal themselves. They are also the only mob that drops the [Scarlet Chestpiece] as part of the Chain of the Scarlet Crusade set. And yes, the helmet is obtainable. In The Burning Crusade, there is a level 64 Mail Helm with the same graphic as the Champions' helm, it is called Blood Knight Helm. The Helm graphic also use to be the old Lightforge Set helm.


  • Holy Strike

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