Not to be confused with the Scar of the Worldbreaker in Blackrock Caverns.
Scar of the Worldbreaker (Badlands)

Scar of the Worldbreaker

Scar of the Worldbreaker (Badlands) 2

Scar of the Worldbreaker

Scar of the Worldbreaker is a massive scar in the earth in the western Badlands, caused by Deathwing's passage through the region. It stretches from just south of Angor Fortress to the southwest corner of the zone.

Camp Wurg and large portions of the Dustbowl and Mirage Flats are now a charred swath of destruction, with the nearby mountaintops sheared off. The tops of these mountains shimmer like molten glass.[1]

The Scar of the Worldbreaker is the only location where you will find the herb Dragon's_Teeth, where it grows in concentration.

Trivia Edit

During the Cataclysm beta the zone was known as Aggramar's Hammer.

References Edit

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