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Inv misc bag satchelofcenarius

The Satchel of Cenarius is a bag that will only hold herbs. This was the largest herb-bag in the game before TBC.


The Satchel of Cenarius is crafted by Tailors with a skill level of 300. The pattern, [Pattern: Satchel of Cenarius], is sold by Mishta in Silithus. You must be Revered with the Cenarion Circle to purchase this recipe.

Materials required
Inv fabric purplefire 02
6x [Bolt of Runecloth]
Inv fabric moonrag 01
2x [Mooncloth]
Inv misc herb blacklotus
1x [Black Lotus]
Spell nature web
4x [Ironweb Spider Silk]

Notes Edit

This bag has been surpassed by the larger bags [Mycah's Botanical Bag] and [Emerald Bag]. This means that, for tailors, you no longer have to farm rep for Cenarion Circle if you want to make the largest herb bag in-game.

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