Sassy Hardwrench is a goblin quest giver initially encountered within the KTC Headquarters[56.8, 76.9] on the island of Kezan. She is later seen at multiple locations upon the Lost Isles offering quests and can be seen at her final location at Hardwrench Hideaway[34.8, 29.4] in Cape of Stranglethorn.


Shipwreck Shore[27.9, 75.8], Lost Isles
Wild Overlook[34.5, 66.9], Lost Isles
Town-In-A-Box[45.4, 65.4], Lost Isles
Volcanoth's Lair[72.8, 57], Lost Isles
Warchief's Lookout[36.8, 43.3], Lost Isles
Slave Pits[42.2, 25.9], Lost Isles
Cape of Stranglethorn



  • She was known as Sassy Hardhearted in the beta.

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Kezan Cape of Stranglethorn

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