Note: This todo list is no longer being maintained, due to time constraints. I will keep it here as there are still things here I want to do, though.

Thanks to Illdan for reminding me!

Note: This Todo is my total ToDo, not just my Cosmos stuff.

AddOns Edit

All-in-One Inventory Edit

  • Basecode [DONE]
  • Background texture [DONE] (SirBender)

ConsumeButton Edit

  • Fix so that it checks for best food

DivineBlessing Edit

  • Check up for inclusion into Cosmos?
  • Perhaps add in combat / out of combat aura?

DynamicData Edit

  • DynamicDataActions [DONE]
  • DynamicDataInventory [DONE]
  • DynamicDataQuest
  • DynamicDataSpells [DONE]
  • Generic
    • Scans staggered [DONE]

GuildRoster Edit

  • Create generic upload agent
    • Interface with SavedVariables.lua (DONE!)
    • Configure upload sites (60% done)
    • Download configure data
    • Upload data to sites
    • GUI (90% DONE!)
  • Create player-data-gathering AddOn
  • Make sure that a PHP page which shows data is created
  • Make sure that a good example PHP page is made which receives upload data
  • Specify format for POST

Temporarily on hiatus.

ManaShieldCounter Edit

  • Keep track of how much damage has been absorbed
  • Show message when it is about to fade?
  • Show counter of how much damage left

OneHitWonder Edit

  • Add removing debuffs for
    • Druid [DONE]
    • Mage [PARTIAL, need names of "lesser" curses]
    • Paladin [DONE]
    • Priest [DONE]
    • Shaman
      • Problem: Shamen got totems which does AoE curing

PartyDistance Edit

  • Reuse TargetDistance code

QuestKeeper Edit

  • Show location marker (future)
    • Check up on mininotes in mapnotes (future)
  • Define data structure (DONE!)
  • Add quest info sending / retrieving. (future)
  • Create GUI (70% done)
    • Functionality (80% done)
      • Scrolling?
      • Completed quests
    • Looks (50% done)

Rogue Finishing Bar Edit

  • Base on SecondBar
    • Hide unfilled slots
  • Only show on GetComboPoints() > 0
    • Option to show always
  • Make sure to only do stuff when cooldown is gone?
  • Check for energy?

WarlockHelper Edit

  • Soulstones: X
  • Healthstone: Yes/No
  • Soulstone: Yes/No
  • PetRemainingTime???

Other stuff Edit

  • Send vodkacheese (Swedish: "brännvinsost") to Trouble
    • vodkacheese purchased - need to go down and post it

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