Sangrias Stillblade is a Blood Knight sent to test new members of the order in mortal combat. He is summoned by lighting a brazier in a small cave on the Isle of Tribulations.

He bears the same last name of Lonika Stillblade but it's unlikely they are related.

Stillblade is sent by Knight-Lord Bloodvalor to kill the newest initiate (player) as a test into getting into the order. If he succeeds, then you weren't meant to be part of the brotherhood; if he fails, a few initiates are sent to gather his body and place it on the second floor of the Silvermoon City Inn, where he remains dead, until you can revive him.

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  • Curiously, though he is a Blood Knight, he has several Warrior abilities, including Charge.
  • Renamed Blood Knight Stillblade, he lies on the floor dead with a Blood Knight Adept looming overhead, telling you to move along.



In the languages of Spanish and Portuguese, Sangria means "bleeding". Sangrias Stillblade is also known as Blood Knight Stillblade.

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