Sand Troll Tribes is a short essay included as part of the Troll Compendium (via a link named "Sand Troll Tribes") on the old official site that describes several tribes of Sand trolls. It is reproduced here, in case the archive of the page disappears.

Sand Troll Tribes Edit

Historians and physicians generally classify trolls into four categories: forest trolls, jungle trolls, ice trolls, and sand trolls.

Below you can learn more about the only group of sand trolls: the Sandfury tribe.

Sandfury Tribe Edit

Where: Tanaris (primarily in Zul'Farrak)

Category: Sand trolls

Leader: Chief Ukorz Sandscalp

Background: Several millennia before the War of the Ancients, the Sandfury tribe was part of the Gurubashi empire. The Great Sundering shattered the jungle trolls' territory and left the Sandfury tribe stranded in the middle of what swiftly became the desert of Tanaris.

Eventually the trolls adapted to their harsh new environment, and today they bear only a rough resemblance to the jungle trolls from whom they are descended. Since the Sundering, the sand trolls have been forced to yield much of Tanaris to outsiders, and so the trolls fiercely defend what remains of their lands.

Nevertheless, new battles break out daily between the sand trolls and a wide assortment of interlopers. Much of the motivation behind this constant strife is that the two halves of a powerful sword known as Sul'thraze the Lasher are rumored to be somewhere inside Zul'Farrak. In addition, the sand trolls worship a massive hydra they call Gahz'rilla. Illustrations and descriptions of the beast have fired the imagination of adventurers for generations.

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