Sanath Lim-yo is a blood elf apprentice of Archmage Xylem located at the base of Bear's Head[27.2, 40.8]
in Azshara and inside the catacombs underneath the Cathedral of Light in Stormwind City or the Ruins of Lordaeron during Hallow's End.

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There was a time when I could ask whatever I wished from those who sought out my master. But now, he takes pretty much anyone in as an apprentice and they can pass through his portals all they please.

It is upsetting to me, but I do not question his orders. I can only take enjoyment in making fun of the ridiculous clothes you wear or the pathetic look on your face. Even that bores me...

Even this rambling bores me! Go. Be gone. Share your depressing sense of style with someone else.

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  • Sanath Lim-yo used to be located east of Valormok At one point in time, he asked travelers to prove themselves worthy of seeing his master, Archmage Xylem. Since Patch 1.7, his master stopped him from charging and allowed anyone to teleport, free of any obligations. He doesn't like the travelers that speak with him and bores easily with many things.
  • During Hallow's End, Sanath is sent by Archmage Xylem to retrieve a crate of arcane goods from Maxim the Sly (Horde quest) or Ren Quickhand (Alliance quest). Regardless of faction, he kills the thieves, intending to steal the crate for Xylem rather than paying for it. He vanishes when the crate's contents prove to hold an unexpected surprise.

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For his old model, see Former high elf models.

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