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Sally "Salvager" Sandscrew is a goblin armor vendor initially encountered on the island of Kezan standing outside near the KTC Headquarters[59.8, 72.6]
opposite Brett "Coins" McQuid. She is also seen at various locations within the Lost Isles selling <Slightly Damp Salvage>. She eventually finds her way to Bilgewater Harbor[60.8, 50.2]
in Azshara to set up shop as an armor merchant once again.


Name Lvl req Type Slot Cost
Inv belt 24 [Recovered Knit Belt]5Cloth ArmorWaist1Silver 43Copper
Inv boots 09 [Recovered Knit Boots]5Cloth ArmorFeet2Silver 15Copper
Inv bracer 10 [Recovered Knit Bracers]5Cloth ArmorWrist1Silver 44Copper
Inv gauntlets 23 [Recovered Knit Gloves]5Cloth ArmorHands1Silver 44Copper
Inv pants 06 [Recovered Knit Pants]5Cloth ArmorLegs2Silver 90Copper
Inv shirt 07 [Recovered Knit Vest]5Cloth ArmorChest2Silver 91Copper
Inv chest chain [Salvaged Chain Armor]5Mail ArmorChest4Silver 51Copper
Inv belt 06 [Salvaged Chain Belt]5Mail ArmorWaist2Silver 26Copper
Inv boots 01 [Salvaged Chain Boots]5Mail ArmorFeet3Silver 42Copper
Inv bracer 05 [Salvaged Chain Bracers]5Mail ArmorWrist2Silver 28Copper
Inv gauntlets 04 [Salvaged Chain Gloves]5Mail ArmorHands2Silver 13Copper
Inv pants 03 [Salvaged Chain Leggings]5Mail ArmorLegs4Silver 27Copper
Inv belt 03 [Water-Stained Leather Belt]5Leather ArmorWaist1Silver 82Copper
Inv boots wolf [Water-Stained Leather Boots]5Leather ArmorFeet2Silver 75Copper
Inv bracer 02 [Water-Stained Leather Bracers]5Leather ArmorWrist1Silver 84Copper
Inv gauntlets 18 [Water-Stained Leather Gloves]5Leather ArmorHands1Silver 84Copper
Inv chest leather 04 [Water-Stained Leather Harness]5Leather ArmorChest3Silver 71Copper
Inv pants wolf [Water-Stained Leather Pants]5Leather ArmorLegs3Silver 72Copper


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