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(New page: <onlyinclude>{{Achievementbox |mode={{{mode|}}} |arg={{{arg|}}} |name=Safe Deposit |description=Buy 7 additional bank slots. |points=10 |image=INV_Box_01 |type={{{doc|General}}} }}</onlyin...)
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# {{cost|25}}
# {{cost|25}}
# {{cost|25}}
# {{cost|25}}
For a total of: {{cost|101|1}}
For a total of: {{cost|111|1}}
[[Category:General achievements]]
[[Category:General achievements]]

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Inv box 01 Neutral 15 Safe Deposit 10 Money achievement
Buy 7 additional bank slots.

Safe Deposit is a favorite achievement for bank mules.


You do not need to put bags into the bank slots.

Purchasing the bank slots will cost you:

  1. 1Silver
  2. 1Gold
  3. 10Gold
  4. 25Gold
  5. 25Gold
  6. 25Gold
  7. 25Gold

For a total of: 111Gold 1Silver

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