The Runed Stygian cloth set is not a true set in that it does not provide set bonuses. The individual pieces provide bonuses to Stamina, Shadow resistance and Mana regeneration (MP/5). The stat bonuses on these pieces make this set attractive to Warlocks.

These patterns are a random drop from a in-game mail you receive from Hermit Ortell. They are mailed to you a few hours after turning in Encrypted Twilight Texts to him.


Made by
Character requirements
  • Character level 58
  • Tailoring skill level 300
  • Repeatable quest in Silithus
Materials Required
Runed Stygian Cloth Items
Item Armor Rating Stamina Shadow Resist MP/5 Req'd Level Tailor Level From
[Runed Stygian Leggings] 78 13 25 6 58 300 Drop
[Runed Stygian Belt] 50 10 20 3 58 300 Drop
[Runed Stygian Boots] 61 8 20 4 58 300 Drop
Totals 189 31 65 13

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