Ros'eleth is a level 64 high elf quest giver located at Allerian Stronghold in the contested territory of Terokkar Forest. She is trying to get Draenic vessels to lure blood elves out of their addiction and Kael'thas's madness. Bertelm seems to have a crush on her.


When I first arrived, I'd hoped to meet the town's namesake.

<Ros'eleth glances around.>

Most young high elves outgrow the 'I wanna be a Farstrider' phase by the time they're taken as apprentices. Then, it's onto the 'I'm going to be a magister' stage.

I don't think I ever quite outgrew the Farstrider phase, to be honest. No one dreams of growing up to be a seamstress, but we can't have the Farstriders running around naked, as my mother used to say.


She has a unique profile picture, the purpose of which may be to emphasise that she is more beautiful than the average high elf.


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