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Rogue abilities are used in order to both deal damage and attempt to avoid it.

The majority of rogue abilities fall into one of three categories: Opening moves - Openers are what every rogue should begin a fight with. These powerful attacks are only usable while [Stealthed] and break the Stealth effect upon use. A common tactic for burst damage is to open on the enemy, [Vanish], and open again. A few examples are [Ambush], [Cheap Shot], and [Garrote].

Combo moves - These moves are the bread and butter of a rogue. Combo moves generate Combo points, which are required to use a finishing move. They deal the majority of your damage and fill the void between your openers and your finishers. A few examples are [Sinister Strike], [Mutilate], and [Hemorrhage].

Finishing moves - These are the rogue's strongest attacks. They require Combo points to use and increase in effect depending upon the number of Combo points you have on the target. A good rogue will need to learn to use the right finishers at the right time, as there are a lot of them. A few examples are [Eviscerate], [Envenom], and [Rupture].

In addition to these combat moves, rogues have a number of other abilities, such as [Distract], [Stealth], [Pick Lock], and [Pick Pocket].

Core abilities Edit







Ability Min Level
Critical Strikes Starts with
Parry Starts with
Sinister Strike Starts with
Throw Starts with
Eviscerate 3
Stealth 5
Ambush 6
Evasion 8
Deadly Poison 10
Sap 12
Slice and Dice 14
Pick Pocket 15
Recuperate 16
Kick 18
Crippling Poison 20
Gouge 22
Pick Lock 24
Sprint 26
Distract 28
Ability Min Level
Cheap Shot 30
Swiftblade's Cunning 30
Wound Poison 30
Vanish 34
Blind 38
Kidney Shot 40
Detect Traps 42
Feint 44
Garrote 48
Safe Fall 48
Cloak of Shadows 58
Fleet Footed 62
Preparation 68
Shiv 74
Shroud of Concealment 76
Tricks of the Trade 78
Crimson Tempest 83
Smoke Bomb 85

Glyph-taught abilities Edit

Ability Glyph
Detection Glyph of Detection

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