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Overview Edit

RogueMetrics is a personal damage meter that records detailed statistics about a character's damage output. Although it was created for Rogues, it provides useful information to most other classes. By knowing how much each of their abilities contributes to their overall damage output, a player can make better decisions about their talents, gear, and play style. RogueMetrics is a very small addon, typically using only a few kilobytes of memory and having no noticeable impact on performance. In place of a graphical interface, it uses simple slash commands to generate reports in the combat log. The commands to generate your most-viewed reports can be put in macros and placed on your quickbars for easy access.

Slash Commands Edit

/roguemetrics <command>
Prints a damage summary showing total damage and the percentage contributed by each attack or spell.
attack name 
Prints a detailed report about the named attack, e.g., /roguemetrics Sinister Strike. The spelling and capitalization of the attack name must be exact. White damage is recorded under the attack name Auto-Attack. The white damage report includes additional information about extra attacks from sources like Sword Specialization.
Prints a summary of extra energy from sources like Combat Potency.
Displays the damage summary and clears all data.

For all commands, /roguemetrics can be abbreviated to /rm.

Limitations Edit

Due to the way totems are handled by the game, it is impossible to reliably match totems with the Shaman who dropped them. Therefore, totem damage is ignored. This may change in the future.
It is possible to track pet damage, but Hunters and Warlocks are such easy-mode classes that they don't deserve an addon like this.
The extra attack damage estimation does not take into account the Attack Power bonus from Windfury. This might be possible, but it would be complicated.
Stat Changes 
RogueMetrics makes no attempt to account for changes in your buffs, gear, level, or targets. For greater accuracy, remember to reset the data any time anything changes or when you want stats only for a particular target, like a raid boss.

Download Edit

The official RogueMetrics download is hosted by WoWInterface.

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