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Rognin Brewshot survives as one of the many who traveled through the Dark Portal at the close of the Second War, and one of the few who survived the horrors of the Outlands. After struggling some twenty plus years on the shattered world of Draenor, Rognin Brewshot and many of the Sons of Lothar have returned to a changed Azeroth where they've come to find that their perennial enemy, the Horde, is just as much a threat as it ever was before.


Rognin is a level 90 hunter roleplaying on the Server:Wyrmrest Accord US Server.

Expanding upon much of the unsung lore of the Sons of Lothar and countless other stories lost in the Outlands, Rognin is a vehicle for introducing such long discarded stories that, in light of the renewed conflict against the Horde, seem to be somehow retain their relevance and inspiring ends.

Personality & DescriptionEdit

Battle hardened and still with some fight left in him, little of what Rognin was on Azeroth remains with him this day. Stripped of any hope of ever returning home, he came to face the reality that he may forever be stranded in the Outlands, with no help from home coming through. Some twenty years passed between the start of the Alliance Expedition and the reopening of the Dark Portal, twenty years of endless fighting against the Orcish Horde and the demons of the Burning Legion. With his wife and brother, Hildie and Keegan Brewshot, along with the heroes of the expedition, surviving to fight another day was all Rognin lived for. Serving as a marksman for the Alliance forces, Rognin faced death day after day with no hope, leaving him a hollow man - and after the death of both his wife and his brother at the hands of the Orcs - revenge came to be the ever burning spark within him.

His hatred for the Horde reigns above all else these days, and any sympathizers or allies of the Horde are just as bad as the Orcs themselves to him - making him a bitter and untrusting man.

When the Dark Portal finally reopened and the heroes of the Alliance raced through - it wasn't relief or joy that Rognin faced - only pure hatred for the Alliance he once served that took up arms beside the New Horde against the Burning Legion on Azeroth. Uncaring of the circumstances, Rognin thinks the tenuous pact between the Horde and the Alliance to be the most severe betrayal of all the heroes of the First and Second Wars. So embittered against the Alliance, Rognin chose to remain in the Outlands - to continue serving with the Sons of Lothar - to not return to the place he called home.

With the renewed war between the Alliance and Garrosh's Horde, Rognin decided to set aside his bitterness, if only to return and continue his fight against the Orcs.


Pre-First WarEdit

The son of a hunter - Rognin grew up learning the craft of survival in the wilds - in the harshest of environments. He learned from a young age how to track, hunt, fight, kill and survive - turning him into a fine tool of a Dwarf who would later go on to serve as a Marksman of Ironforge. In his young adult life he would wed a younger Dwarf, an archeologist by the name of Hildie yearning to go out and explore the vast world beyond the mountains of Dun Morogh.

Keeping close with his brother, Keegan Brewshot, another soldier of Ironforge, the three would make a close trio - always traveling together when time and duty permitted.

Rognin Aim Wide

Rognin Brewshot - Alliance Marksman.

First WarEdit

At the breakout of the First War - Keegan and Rognin found themselves - and all of the Dwarven Kingdoms - preparing themselves for what evolve into the Second War when the Orcish Horde would push north into Khaz Modan.

Second WarEdit

As the Orcish Horde would storm north into Khaz Modan, the Dwarves would be continually pushed back - despite the small aid provided by the forces of the Alliance of Lordaeron which had been forged under King Terenas II of Lordaeron. Fighting tooth and nail before finally retreating back into the Bronzebeard capitol of Ironforge, Rognin and Keegan would both keep a burning hatred for the Orcs which would only burn even hotter as the Alliance of Lordaeron - under the commander of Anduin Lothar -would push south, reclaiming the lost Dwarven lands. Both brothers would eagerly join forces with the Alliance, continuing to push the Orcs south to the Dark Portal, and even stepping on to the Alliance Expedition which would venture forth through the portal to combat the Orcish Horde on the far side.

Eager to explore the new world, Hildie Brewshot would also sign on to the expedition- and though always kept far the fighting, Hildie's hatred for the Horde was no less than any one else's.

The Alliance ExpeditionEdit

Honor Hold Tabard

Tabard of the Sons of Lothar and Honor Hold.

Fighting tooth and nail, once again, against the Orcish Horde, the Alliance Expedition would push the Horde back through the portal, establishing Honor Hold in obvious defiance of their enemies hold on the foreign world.

As the fighting would continue, most of it in an effort to retrieve the Book of Medivh, Rognin would see the destruction of Draenor as Ner'zhul would try to open more portals to escape the world. As the Alliance forces rushed to shut the Dark Portal from their side - hoping to prevent the destruction of Draenor from bleeding back to Azeroth - Rognin would see the only hope of returning home fading away. Barely surviving the shattering of the world along with his wife and brother, Rognin would face the harsh reality that he now had only purpose - survive.

Twenty years of fighting - twenty years of survival would drip by like the slow grains of sand in an hourglass - and in that time not only did Rognin lose his wife and brother to the Horde - but he also lost hope. Forsaking any dream, any lingering hope of returning to Azeroth, Rognin and many others reforged themselves to do one thing and one thing only - fight the Horde.

Day after day, night after night, Rognin would fight - bleeding bullets and blood - scrounging about the barren wastelands of Hellfire Peninsula and the rest of the Outlands for supplies - he would return to his childhood lessons of surviving with little.

Apart of the countless tactical strikes against the Orcish Horde and the new Fel Horde - and even the Burning Legion itself, Rognin would have countless narrow escapes - suffering brutally at the hands of his enemies after being captured multiple times. There, in the Outlands, Rognin would find his true brothers in the Sons of Lothar - forged by Danath Trollbane in honor of the legendary Alliance hero Anduin Lothar.

Fighting from Honor Hold the next, twenty years would reforge and shape Rognin into a brutal weapon of efficiency - and breed a lifetime of avenging his fallen brothers.

The Reopening of the Dark PortalEdit

As the Dark Portal would once again crack open at the hands of Kazzak the Supreme - Rognin would be shocked it nothing else to see the forces of the Alliance once again charge through - though it wasn't the reunification he had dreamt of two decades before. As the Alliance would work to secure its foothold around Honor Hold, Rognin would learn of the history that had spun around the events following the closing of the Dark Portal; the New Horde, the Third War and the invasion of the Burning Legion - and though he was shocked and awed and hopeful all at once - it was anger that would reign supreme over all other emotions. Feeling utterly betrayed at the idea of the Alliance joining forces with the New Horde to battle the Burning Legion - Rognin quickly branded the whole of the Alliance as traitors - as those who would turn their backs on those who has died fighting the Orcs.

Despite his blossoming hatred for what had become of the Alliance, he would remain vigilant at his post - skirmishing against the members of the New Horde that would also race through the reopened Dark Portal. Remaining in Hellfire Peninsula to secure Honor Hold as an Alliance foothold, Rognin would choose to stay in the Outlands once Illidan, the Betrayer, had been slain and the bulk of Alliance and Horde forces had returned to Azeroth.

Wrath of the Lich King & CataclysmEdit

Absent for both the war against the Lich King in Northrend and the battles against Deathwing the Destroyer and his Black dragonflight, Rognin would remain in the Outlands continuing his fight against the Horde and anyone who would stand against the Alliance forces remaining in the Outlands - unsure of how to handle his bitterness towards the Alliance for what he perceived as a grand betrayal.

Mists of PandariaEdit

Rognin Fire

"A bullet for every Orc."

As word of the renewed war against the Horde made it through to the Outlands, Rognin, and a small collection of surviving Second War veterans who also had remained behind, would finally return to Azeroth for the sake of once again, fighting the Horde.

Approaching the conflict with a different mentality than most among the Alliance, Rognin hasn't returned to aid the Darkspear Rebellion - he's come back to mercilessly slaughter every Orc within reach.

Armed with a rifle and an infinite supply of bullets - Rognin has charged the shores of Pandaria, the Barrens, Durotar and even now Orgrimmar itself with a bullet specially made for each and every Orc that crosses his sight - whether they be a soldier, a child or simply any member of the Horde. Whether some aid the rebellion or not, Rognin is set out for genocide.

However, after weeks of slaughtering Orcs and their families - something changed - something cracked.. If you want to know what happened exactly in Orgrimmar, it's a story you'd need to hear in person for it's hard to believe - but it's a story you surely won't forget.

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