Robert Gossom can be found in the War Quarter in the Undercity. He stands near Tyler.

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In Warcraft III, Tyler and Robert are two humans of the local populace in Vandermar Village. Brash and arrogant, Robert used his big size to intimidate and bully, until Tyler had enough and both men battered each other senseless as the Undead swept over the Village. He doesn't care who he fights for, he just likes fighting.

They are seen punching each other. After Arthas "visited" the village, they must have[citation needed] became part of the Undead Scourge and later the Forsaken.

Although never visible in-game, opening the Warcraft III map file for the first Undead mission reveals Robert's tooltip as the following: "Robert-Paul's son is slow and lumbering, but he makes up for this with great vitality and a mean left hook."



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