Roar is a tigon boss in the Opera House of Karazhan, accompanied by Dorothee, Strawman, Tinhead, Dorothee's pet Tito, and followed by The Crone.

Roar is a homage to The Cowardly Lion of The Wizard of Oz.

Icon-shortcutSee also: Wizard of Oz for opera event details including tactics and loot table 


  • Basic Melee - Hits for around 3000 on cloth.
  • Frightened Scream - Instant. Lets out a scream, causing up to 3 nearby enemies to flee for 2 sec.


As befitting his inspiration, Roar is rather cowardly, and susceptible to fear.

He can be feared by either the fear spell itself, or by a Hunter's Scare Beast ability, or by Howl of Terror or Psychic Scream. As of the 2.1 patch, Roar is also vulnerable to horror effects, i.e. Deathcoil.

He is immune to snares and Hibernate.

A thing to note about fear is that he runs into the walls while he's doing this he can not be targeted by a fearer, so a suggested strategy is to have the tank not worrying about Tinhead, grab enough aggro on Roar that once fear breaks he turns to the tank rather than a squishy.



  • Wanna fight? Huh? Do ya? C'mon, I'll fight you with both claws behind my back!

Killing a player:

  • Take forty winks!


  • You didn't have to go and do that!

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