Ritual of Souls is a warlock spell that creates a Soulwell, from which each party member can obtain a [Master Healthstone] (Rank 1) or a [Fel Healthstone] (Rank 2).

Rank tableEdit

Rank Level Cost
1 68 5Gold 67Silver
2 80 16Gold


  • The healthstones are conjured items, and will vanish from one's inventory when they log out.
  • Casting the spell requires two additional party members to assist in channeling the spell. This spell cannot be cast while soloing.
  • The soulwell animation appears as dropping a stone pyre out of the sky. RP'ers will make jokes about the soulwell nearly clobbering them in the head.

Tips and tacticsEdit

  • It's possible to invite a warlock into your party/raid to conjure a Soulwell, allow everyone to obtain Healthstones (and a Soulstone), then replace the warlock with a needed non-DPS type. This is best for when a player in your guild has a Warlock alt; it's considered very rude to do this without the Warlock's previous consent.
  • The healthstones conjured with this spell are commonly known as "cookies".

Past changesEdit

  • Patch 2.1:
    • New art added for Ritual of Souls channeling focus and Soulwell created by the spell.
    • Ritual of Souls no longer consumes a Soul Shard when cast in arenas.
    • Soulwell now plays a sound and visual effect when you create a Healthstone through using it.
  • In Patch 2.3, takes significantly less time to cast (was 3 sec) and complete (was 5 min).

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